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The American Girl Book Club is currently on hiatus, but please read on about the amazing time the club spends together. 


The American Girl Book Club is a literary adventure where history and crafts come together to provide girls with a fun, interactive learning experience set to the theme of our favorite historical American Girl characters! As we focus on each American Girl's story, we get a chance to sample foods from her culture or era, discuss events that were going on in the world around her and then learn more about her culture by creating a craft project that incorporates what we have learned.  Whether it's creating squares for a 'quilt' like Addy did in 1864 or sampling and 'rating' different kinds of cheese from France like Grace did in Paris, or even being able to make a matching headband for their dolls......we are learning about history and cultures and most definitely having fun!  (1st-5th graders.)