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Gerry Essink

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I am Gerry Essink and started my career at Boise Valley Adventist School in the 2010/11 school year.  As I kick off my 14th year, I have many fond memories and look forward to making more with your children. I wear multiple hats as office manager, secretary, administrative assistant, receptionist, assistant treasurer, bookkeeper, accounts payable and receivable clerk, librarian, unofficial nurse, and aide, and I probably forgot something.  People ask me if I like my job and I don't . . . I LOVE it!!!  


My husband and I have a son and daughter that are BVAS alum and now attend Walla Walla University and Gem State Adventist Academy.  It is our desire to raise kind, respectful, God-fearing individuals that will be a valuable part of society now, and be in His kingdom eternally.  We pray that between our church, our school and our home, they have a fighting chance.    

I welcome you to stop by Boise Valley Adventist School and I will show you around our beautiful facility.  See you soon!  

You are welcome to email me questions at

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