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AS (September 2023)

BVAS has been the best decision we have made for our child.  From the moment that we stepped into the doors of the school and met the staff at BVAS, we felt the love and grace of God.  We knew right away that this is the place that God led us to.  Our son has nothing but good things to say about the school and all of the teachers. He has been thriving. BVAS offers so much more than education. They are a warm, welcoming, loving place where our son can learn and talk about Jesus.  He loves choir,  doing science experiments for the school at the Variety Show,  going on fieldtrips, and knowing that his teachers and classmates really care about him.  We are so very happy that we found this phenomenal school!


KH (July 2022) 

It was clear to us that the influences our children receive in early education would be building blocks for their lives. When the opportunity presented itself to take our children to BVAS we knew we needed to look into it. From the moment we first visited the school, we knew it was just what we needed.  The focus of Christ-centered love and attention was clearly understood.   The size of the school and the ability for the whole family to be valued and involved has been a wonderful blessing. We have no doubt that sending our children to BVAS is the right foundation of Christ and academics. 

LW (Aug 2019)

What can I say of one of the best schools to bring your child to.  My son has been going here since PreK and he loves is so much!  He has grown so much, thanks to BVAS.  They treat you like family and are very friendly and helpful.  God has blessed us by this school and we would not choose anywhere else.  There are so many things to do here from picnics to ski days to fun field trips . . . all things children love to do.  We do not know what we would do without the BVAS family!

RR  (July 2018)

I knew , even before I had children, that I wanted them to attend Boise Valley Adventist School.  Being an alumnus myself, I knew first hand the impact of having a close-knit circle of Christian friends and influences.  So, I decided there would be no exceptions - no matter what it took, my children would attend private school.  I send them to BVAS for three main reasons:

1. They have amazing teachers viewed more like second parents.  I know if my kids are struggling, they are comfortable turning to their teachers for help. 

2.  I trust my children's circle of friends.  They are raised in homes with values similar to ours, so I don't doubt the influence of my kids' social circles.  I've also been blessed by my friendships formed with their friends' parents.

3. My children can freely talk about Jesus every single day and they learn more about Him by the minute.  This is the most important reason I chose BVAS for their education.  

So while it hasn't always been easy, it is always worth it.  I love the relationships my children have built with God while at BVAS and that they have a strong family atmosphere every day at school.  

WG  (March 2017)

Boise Valley Adventist School has been a tremendous blessing to us.  It is the first time our children have ever been enrolled in a Christian school.  We are pleased with the interactions the teachers and staff have with the kids and parents.  Our children are the happiest we have seen them wanting to go to school and they both lover their teachers.  We are comfortable with the curriculum being taught and the teachers offer a fun, creative and interactive way of learning and gaining life-long skills.  BVAS is a loving, nurturing, Christ-like Christian school.  They enforce the principles that we teach and desire our children to have.  We are so thankful to the teachers, staff and volunteers  for their contribution to our children's future.  

MD   (Jan 2017)

Boise Valley Adventist School has been a blessing to our family. Both of us work full time, like many of you, which means who and what our kids are exposed to while we are not with them is so important. The teachers build on and reinforce the values that we are trying to instill at home. 

LD  (September 2016)

Our son will start 4th grade with Mrs. Campbell and our daughter will start PreK with Mrs. Lawson this fall.  As parents, we love to hear about all of the details of their day.  It's wonderful to hear how our children start their day with worship in the classroom and how God is talked about throughout the day in every subject.  The teachers and staff have done an excellent job of helping our children grow academically and spiritually.  We love that the teachers have gotten to know our children on a personal level and encourage both academic and spiritual growth.  We truly believe that BVAS teachers and staff want our children to grow closer to God.

ML   (June 2016)

We have been a part of the BVAS family for 12 years. Our children have grown in their relationship with others and with God. The school works as a community to develop responsible, sensitive students and we appreciate that Christ is an integral part of that. The students are involved in outreach programs that allow them to serve in our community and ultimately God. We feel blessed to be a part of the BVAS family.  

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