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Why Boise Valley? 

Boise Valley Adventist School stands out in so many ways, including its highly educated teachers, beautiful facility, convenient location, competitive tuition rates, and much more. But, topping the list of reasons that parents remain loyal to BVAS are its vibrant spiritual nurture and academic excellence.

Spiritual Nurture: Before school starts each morning, teachers and staff gather to pray for their students. When classrooms fill up, each teacher leads their class in worship. On Tuesday mornings, several area pastors lead a special worship time in each classroom. And, on Fridays the whole student body joins for chapel, led jointly by teachers and students. Bible classes, Creation-based science curricula, and the mentorship of Christian teachers also help make BVAS an ideal place for students to know Jesus.

Academic excellence: BVAS is an excellent example of Adventist Education (click below for more). An incredible 80% of young people who graduate from the Adventist K-12 system also graduate college, while only 14% of public school graduates do. More generally, Adventist school students score in the 70th percentile on standardized tests (compared to both public and private schools). BVAS students consistently score at least one grade level above their grade on standardized tests. To learn more about the impact of Adventist Education, watch for the new PBS documentary, called 'The Blueprint' (click below for the trailer).   

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